The breakthrough in algae as a food source

Healthier and More Sustainable Sauces & Snacks

In a market increasingly attuned to health and environmental concerns, food manufacturers are diligently reshaping their product portfolios. Their mission: to deliver food items that meet the dual criteria of nutritional excellence and eco-consciousness. Yet, amidst these ambitious endeavors, there’s a critical challenge – striking the right balance between taste, affordability, and sustainability.

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A distinctive taste shines through, even with the inclusion of up to 8% algae flour in your formula. Additionally, the color can be quite appealing, depending on your specific formulation. It serves as a noteworthy plant-based option.


Full of essential amino acids, oils, fibers and protein. And a nice umami flavor reduces the amount of salt needed. Our algae flour gives a better Nutri-Score to your food application.


Back at the beginning of the food chain, we can grow anywhere on the planet. Very efficient, on waste streams. And using less land or water compared with animal alternatives or crops like soy.

Clean Label

Our emulsifying and water binding properties and the taste and color can replace additives in your current formulations. On a competitive price level.


About Us

Enter AlgaeforFood, the catalyst for a culinary revolution. Leveraging microalgae-derived ingredients, we’re engineering a paradigm shift in sauces and snacks. Our commitment is to deliver not only health-enhancing options but also planet-friendly choices that excite the palate.

But here’s the bottom line: it’s not just about enhancing the culinary landscape; it’s about making these innovations marketable and economically viable. 

AlgaeforFood is here to redefine the business of food, offering a delectable fusion of health and sustainability that’s poised to create ripples throughout the industry. 

Join us in shaping a future where business acumen meets gastronomic excellence and ecological responsibility.


AlgaeforFood tackles the taste, scale, and price challenge head-on. AlgaeforFood has the solutions. Color and flavor are already working in food categories like sauces and snacks with 8% algae ingredient, and the Nutri-Score improves as well. Tailoring specifically to the functional needs of the food industry results in scalability. And scalability, in turn, ensures a competitive price. Next to that, AlgaeforFood delivers the current food system a real sustainable, circulair solution and so gives meaning to four SDG’s.

AlgaeforFood is founded in 2021 in Wageningen in The Netherlands. Marieke and Ewoud are passionate about the idea of using algae as a food source. 

Ewoud de Voogd

Ir. Ewoud de Voogd is dreaming about an algae farm for many years. Understanding the needs for new food sources his purpose got clear: get a breakthrough in the massive use of algae for food. Ewoud is an Agricultural System Engineer from Wageningen University (2001). He founded two companies and is experienced as growth coach for businesses. Ewoud is strong in process approaches, green field situations and new business development. Ewoud is a dad of four.

Marieke Vanthoor-Koopmans

Dr. Marieke Vanthoor-Koopmans dreams about running her own bio-refinery plant. Marieke’s purpose is to provide the world with a sustainable food, feed and energy source. Marieke has a PhD in Marine Biotechnology (2009), a MsC in Biotechnology and a BsC in Chemical Engineering. Marieke founded her first algae farm in Mexico and worked as a process technologist in a milk refining factory. As a consultant and shareholder she contributes at several algae and refinery projects. Marieke is mom of three.

About our partners

AlgaeforFood collaborates with partners in algae, fermentation, extraction, development of food-application, funding and growth of the company.

In the end it's about taste, functionality, scale and price. We make it sustainable and healthy too!

Ewoud de Voogd

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