Wageningen, The Netherlands

Our vision

“Feeding the world in 2050, sustainable, with algae.” We believe algae can supply all necessary ingredients for the food industry in a sustainable way. For that we need a breakthrough in the massive use of ingredients from algae for food.”

Algae are Beautiful

Algae are the world’s food source at the beginning of the food chain. They are full of essential amino acids, oils, fibers and protein. They grow very efficient on waste streams, everywhere and using less land.

From Algae to Fish Fingers

Starting with freshly produced algae using fermentation, biorefinery techniques are used to extract proteins, fibers and lipids . The products are used as ingredients for food like a plant based fish finger.

Think Big, Start Small

After the re-use of waste streams, scale is thé factor to reduce price. Only then algae can compete with other protein sources like pea and soy. And only then food companies will switch demanding for high quality at high volumes.

Start where Others Ended

Pioneers already did a lot of work. Our challenge is to bring the good ideas together. That will speed up the time to market. And lower the production costs. Work together where possible to create a breakthrough.

About Us

AlgaeforFood is founded in 2021 in Wageningen in The Netherlands. Marieke and Ewoud are passionate about the idea of using algae as a food source. The need for protein will increase the coming 30 years and they believe algae provides an answer for that.

Start up and grow

With algae steps in the food chain can be skipped: no fish is needed anymore in the chain from algae to fish, from fish to dish. And algae can be produced with a very low footprint due to the use of waste streams of the agri & food industry in highly efficient fermentation.

From fish to dish

The challenges are the authority approval of specific algae and the production process. Time to start up and grow AlgaeforFood will be enough to proceed for approvals. Also the high volume need and low costs that the food industry requires are challenging. Solutions are available in scale like in the use of large scale fermentation.

Ewoud de Voogd

Ir. Ewoud de Voogd is dreaming about an algae farm for many years. Understanding the needs for new food sources his purpose got clear: get a breakthrough in the massive use of algae for food. Ewoud is an Agricultural System Engineer from Wageningen University (2001). He founded two companies and is highly experienced as growth coach for businesses. Ewoud is strong in process approaches, green field situations and new business development. Ewoud is a dad of four.

Marieke Vanthoor-Koopmans

Dr. Marieke Vanthoor-Koopmans dreams about running her own bio-refinery plant. Marieke’s purpose is to provide the world with a sustainable food, feed and energy source. Marieke has a PhD in Marine Biotechnology (2009), a MsC in Biotechnology and a BsC in Chemical Engineering. Marieke founded her first algae farm in Mexico and worked as a process technologist in a milk refining factory. As a consultant and shareholder she contributes at several algae and refinery projects. Marieke is mom of three.

About our partners

AlgaeforFood found world wide partners in algae, fermentation, extraction, the product development of food-application, funding and growth of the company.

We need to produce massively to get the food industry on board

Ewoud de Voogd

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